November 17, 2023

Phillis Carey's 2025 Cruise to Japan

Japan - Home of the Rising Sun

Sail with Chef Phillis Carey  

"The Casual Gourmet"

Roundtrip Tokyo on Oceania’s ship Riviera - 12 Days

April 13th - April 25th, 2025

Visiting Tokyo, Nagoya, Kochi, Kagoshima, Nagasaki, Pusan (Busan), Hiroshima, Beppu, Pacific Ocean, Kyoto, Shimizu   

The exclusive cruise Includes:

*Airfare through Oceania or discount compensation if you use points or purchase your own flights. (There are flights direct from San Diego now!)

*Prepaid Gratuities

*Hands-On Cooking Class with Chef Phillis

*Welcome and Farewell Cocktail Parties

*Culinary Lecture--Food History of Japan

*Optional Pre-Tour of Tokyo+

*Optional Private Group Sushi, Whiskey or Sake Tours+

(+ For additional fee)

(Japanese for travel or traveler)


For cabin and cruise information

contact Adam Martindale at Cruise Planners

(206) 399-2138

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