July 28, 2023

Culinary Tours

 Culinary Tours I've Lead Over the last 12 years!

Phillis and George in Amsterdam in 2023

It's hard to believe that it's been 12 years since I first took a group on a Holland America Cruise to Baja.  What an adventure that was with so many sights to see and so much food to try.  Many of that first group have traveled with me over and over again with new people joining us each time.  There have been many more adventures that followed as well traveled the world sampling good food and wine along the way.  I can't wait to continue the journey!

Let's see:

1. Baja in 2011 on Holland America (I remember the air show that flew right above us on the day we sailed out of the harbor as well as all the amazing tours we took and food we ate!)

2. Alaska in 2012 on Holland America (I loved watching the glacier calving--so glad I was there to see it.)

3. River Cruise Lyon to Arles, France in 2013 on Uniworld (Loved the small boat and walking off the ship and into the quaint towns.  France in the fall was perfect!)

4. New England and Canada in 2014 on Regent Seven Seas (It was great sailing out of New York City as we passed the Statue of Liberty all lit up!  We also got to see some colors change especially as we got further up the St. Lawrence.)

5. Land Tour of Australia in 2017 (Three great cities on this tour--Sidney, Barossa Valley and Mebourne.  Loved that they sort of spoke English the whole way and the food was amazing and so was the wine!)

6. Mediterranean Cruise from Rome to Rome in 2018 on Oceania (A big group on this trip with lots of specialty tours for our group.  Meals were amazing and loved Oceania's hospitality.)

7. Land Tour of Sicily in 2019 (Probably my favorite because my sister and brother came along and we visited the town my grandfather was born in and oh, yes, we ate a lot of cannolo!)

Canceled Cruise to Greece in 2020 plus 2021 off  (Oh Covid!)

8. Lisbon south and through the Mediterranean to Rome in 2022 on Oceania (So nice to be on the sea again after lockdown.  We visited all the best places including small towns and big cities.  Sick with covid for much of this trip but have some great pics of the harbors!)

9. Lisbon north to Amsterdam in 2023 on Oceania (Fun times on this cruise and really loved Bruges!  Great waffles and chocolates there. Finished in Amsterdam for several days--wow.)

Special Tour not scheduled yet for 2024?

Cruise Around Japan in early 2025 on Oceania!!!  Join me for this one!

I've seen so many places and met so many special people.  I look forward to continuing our travels together in the future, Phillis




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