November 14, 2015

Welcome to Phillis Carey -- The Casual Gourmet

Welcome to my new website--Phillis Carey--The Casual Gourmet. I've had a wonderful web designer creating this for 3 months now and it's now ready for you to view. I am still working on a few things and will eventually change it's location to but for now you can find me here when you want to see what classes I'm currently offering and/or send me an email to register for classes or ask a question. Or just check in to see what I'm up to. Links to my Facebook page and Instagram are also all right here as well. Under the Classes heading, choose a particular location to take you there or just click and scroll through all my current classes. If you find one you want to register for, click and send me an email. I'll get right back to you with your confirmation. Everything is all right here now. I'll still continue with my "Recipe of the Week Newsletters" so keep watching for those each week (or if you are not receiving these, click Join my Mailing List). Most of the weekly recipes from these newsletter will now be found on this site so can easily look them up without having to search through your old emails. Again, everything will be right here!

The Diva/Queen Event is quickly approaching--December 6 is just around the corner! Diane Phillips and I are gearing up with shopping lists and meetings to create a truly special event for you all who have signed up. We promise to post lots of pictures and some live on Facebook and Instagram that day during the event for those who could not attend. We're really looking forward to seeing so many of you who we haven't seen since the closing of Great News.

I only have a few of my printed Fast and Fabulous Chicken cookbook and my Fast and Fabulous Entertaining Menus cookbook has been out of print for awhile now but here you can now download copies to keep handy on your computer. Even if you have the printed copy you might want a copy stored on your computer. This makes it easy to print a particular recipe, take it to the kitchen for cooking without worrying about spilling on it. Then simply toss it or save it in a file to make another time. Or call it up on your tablet or your phone and take that into the kitchen--this way it can even travel with you. I can't tell you how many emails I get from people on vacation requesting a recipe they left at home in my books or printed class recipes. I'm always happy to help but this puts you in charge. The downloadable copies are half the price of the printed version--only $9.99. I'll also be adding Recipe Collections periodically, especially for those of you who can't make it to classes. These are small downloadable booklets filled with my favorite recipes for that season. I've started with Holiday Appetizers--20 of my favorites, some old, some new but all delicious and tried and true pulled together to get you through the holiday season. This collection is only $4.99. I'm happy to be back online and look forward to communicating with you all through my fun new site, Phillis